The Net Zero Guidelines

A common reference point for net zero governance and those operating within it.

We know what net zero means for our planet, but those looking to act face a confusing and fragmented governance landscape. To counter the biggest challenge our planet faces collective efforts from actors, at all levels, must be aligned by removing fundamental variation in approaches and understanding of net zero.

The Net Zero Guidelines are a common reference point and interpretation guide for those that create net zero governance and those operating within it. They publish on Friday the 11th of November 2022.


The Net zero guidelines were scoped and commissioned by Our 2050 World, a global collaboration to accelerate action towards net zero through standards. The collaboration includes the International Organization for Standardization (ISO; comprising 167 member countries), the Race to Zero and the UNFCCC’s Global Innovation Hub. 

The Net zero guidelines document aims to bring alignment on:

  •  A definition of net zero and related terms,
  •  High-level principles,
  • Actionable guidance on how to contribute to global net zero, and
  •  Recommendations on transparent communication, credible claims, and consistent reporting.

 It aims to harness the momentum of voluntary initiatives and mainstream global action, furthering impact and creating an ambition loop which can be scaled through better regulation.